Winter 2018

Cover:  “The Godfather,” a Catalina Macaw at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Ohio. Photo by Rebecca Oet, 15, Ohio.

Skipping Stones

Vol. 30, No. 1                       Jan. – Mar. 2018               ISSN: 0899-529X

Celebrating Our 30th Year! • A Woman’s Work

5 The Floating Market

6 An Ode to City •  Rhythm of the Rain

7 Earthquakes and Volcanoes    The Earth’s Plea

8 The Life of “Life”    The Natural Order of Things

9 To Dream of a Beautiful World    The Blossom    Freedom

10 Time to Act is NOW!

11 To See the Sea

12 Lucky Horse

14 Visiting an Indian Reservation in South Dakota

16 My Medical Missionary Trip to Costa Rica

17 The Stone Forest of Kunming, China

18 Palace of the Heavens    Haiti

19 Singapore • Full Grown Tree    Forgotten Tree

21 The River in My Body

22 How Do You Say…?

23 Forgiveness

24 Racism:  What Matters Most, the Skin or the Heart?

25 My First Jiaozi Dumplings

26 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

27 Jeong    The Midnight Butterfly

28 The Sign for Rainbow

29 Night Life in Seoul, South Korea

30 A Melting Pot

33 Woman’s Work:  Las Fotos Project

Regular Departments

3 From the Editor

7 What’s On Your Mind?

13 Nana Jean:  An Artist’s Inspiration

15 Poetry Page

20 Skipping Stones Stew   

31 BookShelf

32 Noteworthy N.E.W.S.

36 A Women’s Work