Summer 2017

Cover: “Lady Nature” by Betsy Jenifer, 17, Chennai, India.

Skipping Stones

Vol. 29, No. 3                        July – Sept. 2017                  ISSN: 0899-529X

Asian Celebration Haiku • 2017 Book Awards • Celebrate America


7 Who Am I?    Books    In the City and In My Body

8 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest: Immigration 

  Why I’m Glad the U.S. Is a Country Full of Immigrants 

  Overcoming the Obstacles    The Journey    Living Color

12 Skyshells

13 A Late Night’s Pondering

14 The Reluctant Partner

15 The Honorable Profession of Medicine

17 The Leopard, a Retold Folktale from Tajikistan

18  Skipping Stones Honor Awards for 2017:

Multicultural and Nature Books for all Ages

20 Youth As Solutionaries

21 Poems by High Schoolers in Michigan

22 Stronger Together

23 Tenzin,  Young Archer of Bhutan

25 A Taiwanese Adventure

26 I Want to Pull a Tree • My Eyes, My Culture

27 Meet Beading Artist, Russell Morton

28 Twinkling Eyes

29 A Birthday Gift for Mrs. Wilson

30 The Most Important Person in My Life

32 Haiku This Moment

33 Asian Celebration Haiku Contest

35 Your Haiku Art

Regular Departments

2 Your Nature Art

3 From the Editor

6 What’s On Your Mind?  

11 Nana Jean:  Sun Events for the Mayans and for Us

16 Cultural Collage

24 Skipping Stones Stew

31 Noteworthy N.E.W.S.