Submissions by Students

Flute Players by Abhijit Ray, age 13, India
Flute Players by Abhijit Ray, age 13, India

Writings (essays, stories, letters to the editor, riddles and proverbs, etc.) should be typed or neatly handwritten and limited to 750 to 1000 words and poems to 30 lines. We encourage writings in all languages with an English translation, if possible. And, we love illustrations! Please send originals of your drawings, paintings, or photos. Include your name, age, and address along with your submission.

Tell us about yourself in a cover letter. What is your cultural background? What languages do you speak or write? What is important to you? What are your dreams and visions for the future? What inspired you to write or create your submission? We might even print your letter!

The Details: Compositions should be typed, double-spaced, on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. Include your name on each page. Artwork and photos should each have the artist’s name and address on the back.

Include a short bio and a complete address in your cover letter. We’re especially interested in hearing about your cultural background and the experiences that led to the creation of your work. You may wish to send a photo of yourself or the subjects of your submission.

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit, educational and charitable organization. It is a labor of love. Your work is recognized as a contribution to the global effort toward social change. If your work is published you will receive two complimentary copies of the issue (plus a 25% discount on additional copies) and a $10 discount on your first subscription.

We may edit your work for space or clarity. We will try to contact you with revisions if time permits. If you would like a reply from us, or your work returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Submissions that do not include SASE’s will be recycled if we do not publish them. Allow at least four months for our reply. We are not responsible for unsolicited submissions.

Skipping Stones holds first serial rights. You can publish your work elsewhere after it is published in our magazine. We also keep non-exclusive reprint rights for all material published in Skipping Stones. We may reprint or allow others to reprint or excerpt (with your byline, of course!) pieces published in the magazine, including by electronic means.

Please send all submissions to:

Managing Editor
Skipping Stones
P.O. BOX 3939
Eugene OR 97403-0939 USA

If you prefer, please email your submissions (you can include Docx attachments) to: image-email-editor-01