Autumn 2017

29.4 cover

Cover:  Afghan Girlby Heewon Kim, 17, S. Korea.

Skipping Stones

Vol. 29, No. 4                         Oct. – Dec. 2017                  ISSN: 0899-529X

  The 2017 Youth Honor Awards

3 The 2017 Youth Honor Award Winners    Angelic Autumn

Daoism and Nature

6 Alpine Biome •  Ocean    Carbon Footprint    Elegy to mi Abuela

7 Poems by Eric Xu: Identity    Integrity    Home

8 Smell of the Devil

9 Understanding Cultural Differences

10 The Sun Will Burn Out    Maybe Then    The Beautiful Bee

11 The Driver

12 Shi: The Traditional Chinese Scales on the Sundial

13 Adopt A New Language

15 Artist’s Statement by Heewon Kim, 17, South Korea    Ocean Spirit

16 Candlelight, a bilingual poem

17 Owning Up to Past Atrocities

18 Dark Wood of Sakura Tree    Sakura Zensen

19 A Shop in Suzhou, China

20 Peeled Petals    Christina & Chloe Onorato

21 Some Have It Worse

22 A Journey Worth Taking

24 Wizardry David Blaine Couldn’t Even Explain

25 Don’t Touch My Hair, Don’t Shame My Confidence

26 Crossing Boundaries

27 Symmetrical Hearts

28 Perspectives on Prisoners’ Potential

30 On Her Mission

31 Stronger Together

32 Rhythm of the Rain    Eternal Spring    Courage

Regular Departments

14 Nana Jean:  Languages,  A Bridge to Better Thinking

23  Skipping Stones Stew:  Photographs    Invisible Strings    Fragile

29 What’s On Your Mind?

33 BookShelf

34 Noteworthy N.E.W.S.

35 China Album by Sarah Busse