Guest Speaker

Are you looking for a Guest Speaker?

As the founder and editor of Skipping Stones for the last 29 years, Arun will be pleased to speak at:

  • Your school’s graduation ceremony,
  • An upcoming workshop or conference that you are helping organize
  • A multicultural event at your school or library
  • A classroom of eager students


Arun speaks from his own life and work experiences. Themes he can address include:

  • Multicultural Issues in Today’s World and International Understanding
  • Energy Conservation and Nature Awareness,
  • How to Get Your Students Published
  • Interfaith, Community and Multilingual Living
  • Indian American, Indian traditions, Hinduism, and Asian cultures


Arun’s talks are insightful and in-depth, entertaining and educational, light-hearted yet with substance. Arun includes stories and personal experiences from his years in India (Arun grew up in India) and his extensive travels in Europe, Central America and Mexico.

These include:

  • A 2,000 miles of bicycle travel in Northern Europe
  • Three-month’s Peacewalk in Central America
  • Extensive travels and summer camp work in Mexico (He speaks Spanish).

Education and Experience:

Arun did his graduate studies in engineering in the United States, taught at a technical college, worked as a design engineer in electronics industry, and has co-authored a college textbook. He has written numerous newspaper and magazine articles, edited two books, and over 125 issues of Skipping Stones. Arun speaks four different languages (Marathi, Hindi, Spanish, and Of course, English).

The honorarium for Arun’s speaking engagement is modest and it helps our nonprofit work. We will work within your budget.

Contact Arun if you are interested.