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Gallery 2016

[WINTER 2016]

A Glimpse of India

 – Photos by Arun Toké –

I Am Determined

Peace Beyond Faith


[SRING 2016]

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

 – Photo by Paul Dix –

Your Artwork!

Holi, the Spring Festival of Colors in India

Holi is a Hindu festival of colors which signifies the arrival of spring and the end of winter. A group of people came over with drums and musical instruments, signing and dancing on the way. They were all colored from top to bottom with red, orange, purple, and pink. Children were throwing powdered dyes on each other and spraying colors with water guns. They were all laughing happily. Before they knew it, we too were covered in those same bright colors.

“As I sat back eating sweets, my dad sprayed us in pink from behind. He handed us water guns filled with color and little buckets with colored water to hang on our wrists. We shrieked and sprayed the colors back at him.

After playing Holi, we visited our relatives…”

-Riya Dutta, 9, Indian American, Michigan 


[SUMMER 2016]

[FALL 2016]

Golden Autumn

 – Art by Eric C.Xu, 14, Ohio –

Arts By Na’au Students, Hawaii




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