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Skipping Stones Magazine Receives
National Award as it begins 20th Year of its Global Work!

18 November 2007

As we begin our 20th year, Skipping Stones has received the 2007 N.A.M.E. Children's Publication Award on the 3rd of November, during the 17th Annual Conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education held in Baltimore, Maryland. This national award "for outstanding contribution to the field of multicultural education"adds one more feather to our previous honors (from the EdPress, NAME, Parent's Choice, Writer Magazine, NewsStand Resources, E.E.A. and others.

During the 20th year, we plan to publish some exciting special features! We will recognize 20 students for their poetry (20 words or 20 lines), stories (20 words or 20 sentences), non-fiction (20 sentences) and art pieces (20 cm x 20 cm or inches). In 2008, we will also honor 20 exceptional multicultural and nature books. To celebrate our 20th year, we are offering special discounts (e.g.: new gift subscriptions for only $20/yr.)

Perhaps you'd like to share the news with your friends and readers. Skipping Stones began publishing in Cottage Grove in 1988 and is based in Eugene since 1991. It is mostly a labor of love with contributions by students around the globe, student interns, volunteers and our board members. Skipping Stones is printed locally on recycled paper with soy-ink as an expression of our ecological values.

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit, international magazine, now in our 20th year. Our advertisement-free, ecologically-aware bimonthly encourages cooperation, creativity and a celebration of cultural and ecological richness. As a small, non-commercial magazine, we have operated on a shoe-string budget since 1988 (We received the EdPress Golden Shoestring Award in 1995!), yet we continue to skip and hop organically and provide a high-quality global forum for youth around the world. In 1997, we had also received also the first NAME Award for children's publication.

With Best Wishes,

Arun N. Toké,
Executive Editor



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