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2011 Skipping Stones Book Awards Entry Form

Instructions: To enter more than one title, please photocopy this form. Use separate forms for each entry. Please use a typewriter or print legibly in block letters. Send 4 copies of books/magazines; 2 of videos or DVDs. Include an entry fee of US $50 per entry. Books, magazines, publications, websites and educational videos/ DVDS published between Jan. 2009 and Feb. 2011 are eligible. Entries must be received by 1 February 2011. Awards will be reviewed in the Summer 2011 issue (Vol. 23, no. 3).

Download a PDF entry form

Please check all items that apply to your entry.

Category: ___ Multicultural/International/Social ___ Bilingual ___ Ecology & Nature
___ Book __ Magazine/Publication __ Educational Video/ DVD/Website __ Teaching Resource

Readership: __ Picture book __ Elem. grades __ Middle grades __ Upper grades __ Parents/teachers

Title of Entry:
Author / Director:
Illustrator / Producer:
Publisher / Company Name:
City/State/Postal Code/Country:
Contact Person:

Tel.( ____ ) _______- _______ x ______ Fax: ( ____ ) ______- _________

Web site:

Publication or Release Date: (mo./yr.) _____________ Price: __________ Press Run: ___________

Entry Fee:
US $50 /entry; Enclosed is Check # ____________ for a sum of $ ________ for ____ # of entries.

Description of the Categories:

Multicultural/International/Social category focuses on one or more of the following themes: cultural and ethnic diversity within a country (such as indigenous societies), intercultural and international understanding, global consciousness and social issues, peace and nonviolence, sustainable relationships between different cultures, linguistic diversity, understanding of religious differences and tolerance.

Ecology and Nature category promotes an awareness of: the natural world, human, plant and animal relationships, specific species and habitats, environmental protection, conservation of resources, community projects and sustainable living.

Teaching Resource: educational material (audio, video, electronic or print media), website or resource books on multicultural, international, tolerance, peace, sustainability, nature, ecology and above themes.

Please Send your entries before February 1, 2011 to: Skipping Stones Awards, P.O. Box 3939, Eugene, Oregon 97403 USA Shipping? Use street address: 166 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401 USA

Questions? Please contact our editorial office (see below).



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