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The 2003 Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards

The following ten students and student groups are being honored for their creative works that promote an understanding of cultural diversity and ecological sensitivity. Each winner of the tenth annual awards will receive an honor certificate, five multicultural and/or nature books, and a subscription to Skipping Stones. Winners are also invited to become a member of our Student Review Board.

  • First Graders, Circle of Life School, White Earth, Minnesota.
  • Kyle Bolton, 11, Vienna, Virginia.
  • Allison Tesch, 11, Seattle, Washington.
  • Abbey Forbes, 12, Port Deposit, Maryland.
  • Andrea Powell, 13, Eugene, Oregon.
  • Mariel Martinez, 14, Hewlett, New York.
  • Ann Pedtke, 15, Laingsburg, Michigan.
  • Alice Baumgartner, 15, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Katarina Punovuori, gr. 8, Warsaw, Poland.
  • FreshStart, a freshman mentoring program,Westover High School, Fayetteville, N. Carolina.

    Some Rocks are Gneiss

    Rocks are all around us
    But no one seems to care.
    We drop them in the water
    And we toss them in the air.

    Rocks come in many sizes
    And one can be a gem.
    But most of us ignore rocks,
    Or walk all over them.

    So, look closer at the world around.
    I'd make you if I ran it.
    And donÕt forget to look at rocks,
    And not take them for granite!

    -- Kyle Bolton, 11, Vienna, Virginia. He adds, "I chose to write about rocks because we are surrounded by them but nobody seems to care about them."

  • Photo by Anishinaabeg Today, MN. POW-WOW

    When I hear the
    drums dancing,
    I hear jingles,
    I feel good.
    I see fry bread,
    It tastes yummy.
    The people are dancing and having fun.

    -- Margaret May Gasco, 7.

    When I hear the drums,
    I start dancing.
    My feet start moving,
    I feel my heart beating.

    -- Dakota Lindstrom, 7.

    When I hear the drums,
    Eagles fly.

    -- J. R. Libby, 7.

    When I hear the drums,
    I start dancing.
    It feels like it makes me dance,
    Because IÕm always spinning all around, all the time.

    -- Alan Jackson Brown, 7.

    When I hear the drums,
    I hear the drums drumming.
    I dance,
    I dance in the grass.
    I eat the good soup,
    I feel the fresh air.

    -- Gina Marie Weaver, 7.

    When I hear the drums,
    I feel happy.
    I see drumming people,
    I start to see people dancing.
    They sing along, too.
    Their feet have slippers on.
    I see colors on people.
    I see feathers on people.
    I see the blue sky with eagle all around.

    Autumn Warren, 7.



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