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Vol. 15, No. 4

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Where is Your Home?

Home is the place where everyone feels warm, comfortable, relaxed and secure! Even though sometimes people don't really notice its value, home has indeed a very important role in everyone's life. I strongly believe that every single person has felt the relief of coming home after a long tiring day. Yet everyone has different understanding, a different description of home, for home is not always necessarily where you live. To me, home is where my familial connections are, and where I feel I belong. When I say this, my home looks like my home country.

When I first moved to Warsaw from Istanbul, for a while I felt like it was a temporary home. Probably because the rest of my family, a big part of it, was left in Istanbul. I live with my parents and sister in Warsaw. For me, my home is the bestplace I have in Warsaw. However, the home I have in Turkey is the one where I feel more at home.

It's sort of weird having two places that you call 'home'. When I'm here, in Warsaw, I miss the rest of my family and my friends in Turkey. Many little things bring back memories. When I go back to Turkey, I miss my friends in Warsaw. It's not too hard combining two different lives you have, but it takes time to get used to it. Still, there are times when my mind gets confused.

I still think that I feel at home in Istanbul, as I have lived in Turkey for my whole life, and this is the first time I'm living abroad. As a big family, maybe, we were close to each other, so it was hard to get separated with such long distances.

Yet, as people get used to everything, I too have started to feel at home in Warsaw. My close friends, the similar tempo of my daily life and the fun, schoolwork and family atmosphere give me nothing less than what my life offered me in Istanbul. I guess the missing home mood is also somewhat exaggerated in our minds. As we keep in touch with the rest of our family and our close friends, nothing is that much different. As long as you live with the people you love, you can feel at home anywhere and anytime.

-- Feyza Yuksel, gr. 8, American School of Warsaw.

Since I was two years old, I've lived in Warsaw. It feels like I'm more Polish, even though my real nationality is Chinese. I know the language, the customs, and the history. I've gone to a Polish school and kindergarten, found Polish friends, and if I had to choose a place to stay in it's definitely going to be Poland.

Even though I am Chinese, I feel more Polish in a way. It's just like Warsaw is my first, and sometimes, my only home. Here is where all my friends are, my favorite parks, my school, and my house. When I come back to Poland from a vacation, I feel safe, I feel at home. With the warm wind blowing softly through my hair, I'm glad to be walking down the streets of Warsaw again.

Every two years, we go back to visit China. But the minute off the plane I already miss Warsaw. Everywhere I look, there are strangers walking around, and it doesn't seem as peaceful as in Poland. I also have this lost feeling in Warsaw, yet I always know where to go find comfort. I could call a taxi or even get home using the public bus. In China, however, I don't know how to get from one place to the other.

But China is still one of the places I admire the most. There are plenty of fascinating activities to entertain myself, a lot more than you could imagine, and many more than you could have in Poland. In China, they produce the most delicious ice cream ever, and sell the best clothes. But that's just the small part of what I like about my nationality. Knowing that this is where I was born, and this is where my family lives means a lot to me. When I look back on the pictures I took in China, I can recall all the fun I've had.

I'm proud of both China and Poland, and care for them both. They're two very different places with their own beauty, yet they both mean the same to me. China is my native country, where I was born, and where I meet my relatives after long years of being apart. On the other hand, Poland is the place where I grew up, where I learned all about the facts in life, and most importantly, this is where I found true friendship.

China and Poland are both my homes!

-- Alice Cai, gr. 8, Amer. School of Warsaw, Poland.



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