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Vol. 15, No. 4

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What's on Your Mind?

Morals and Standards

Living in our world today, I think that having morals and standards for yourself is extremely important. If you do not know yourself, and do what you believe in, the world, and the people living in it, will tear you apart. People can be easily persuaded if they are not set in their ways. If you do things because you want to be accepted by others, ultimately you will not lead a happy life. We need to focus on being individuals, not how much we can fit in.

For the future, I hope that there will be no more fighting or wars. People need to learn to get along with all different types of cultures. We need to talk things out and come to a peaceable resolution than to think of war. America should not be as conceited. We are not as "All Powerful" as we think we are. We, as a nation, need to become more humble and accepting of other ways.

-- Breanna Coletta, 15, North East, Pennsylvania.

I Understand

Sometimes these eyes see naught beyond our noses.
Sometimes our minds think no farther than mechanical reasoning.
Someties people are hated for what they are doing yet we never stop
to wonder why.

An Iraqi soldier stands on the front lines of a last regime stronghold.
He fires bullets and the U.S. soldiers return the same.
Agreeably in times of war one does not consider the reasons behind fire.
Indeed politics fly out the window and instinct takes over.
But if looked at more intricately we'll see a reason, a motive, a raison d'etre.

On the surface we see an Iraqi soldier disturbing democracy.
But deeper into the story, as more and more unravels, we see more.
A desperate man in fear of his own life, and worse yet, his family's,
he fights a war that cannot be won.
The only victory is the knowledge that in following orders his family might live.
The cold steel hand of a tyrant forces his people onward.
This man has a reason to fight, and I understand.

-- Justin Jones, North East, PA. He adds, "I'm a typical American born, bred, and raised true and true patriot... I feel it necessary for Americans to regulate tyranny in all aspects...but sometime we forget why the other man is fighting."


I see the greenish valuable money
people love so much.
I hear the laughter of money as it turns evil.
I smell the scent of the precious fragrance of money that is so valuable.
I fear money will take over the world.
I am amazed how a thin piece of paper can be
so valuable, but if you set it on fire,
it's nothing but ashes.
I am saddened by the fact money can make
you turn against the ones you love
because of greediness.
I am puzzled how people can take away
a life because of money.
I am angered by how money
makes people think differently.
I know money is
not more important than people are.
But to some people
money is more important than people are.

-- Grace Kwon, Asian American, Goodyear, Arizona.

Feels Like A Revolution

Time comes to the space
Like a sudden fire
Our fates break into pieces
We live, we die.
Who gives us the start?
Who leads us to the end?
That's the power of destiny
We live, we die.

But when the sun rises again
Well, that's the eternity
When the sky turns blue
Well, we can live on forever
It's not a dream
But how can it be?
Because it comes
from the heaven
Feels like a revolution!

-- Sun Meicen, 14, Xiamen,
People's Republic of China.



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Volume 15, No. 4, Page 5

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