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Vol. 15, No. 4

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Editor's Mailbag

We are all a small part of nature, we all love nature. We must be eternally indebted to it. Yet, we continue to pollute water, air and soil, to kill animals for fur, ivory, and for other reasons. As a result, many species of animals are extinct.

I hope it is not too late to save our planet. The protection of the environment requires the cooperation of all nations. If we take active action now, there will be some hope for the future. If we do nothing, we are heading for disaster.

I believe we should all strive to work for the protection of the environment. Let's start by changing people's attitude toward the environment. As for myself, I want to be an environmentalist, because I want to make our future happy!

-- Olga Mikhailova, Svetlogorsk, the Gomel, Belarus.

Who Is Venezuela?

Venezuela, my cradle, the one who held me when I was a baby and now takes my hand while I grow up to be a woman. The one who showed me the pleasant and unpleasant faces of life. The one who continuously gives me a reason to be someone. She taught me that, yes, we'll always have problems, but it doesn't mean we're going to back up and just wait for somebody to come fight our struggles. We have to open our eyes and confront all the stones in our path, because those stones will make us better people, those stones will give us strength. Venezuela has demonstrated to me how to be strong and that you can't underestimate the power of hard work.

Venezuela, the mother of the heroes of April, taught me there will always be a struggle -- and a villain. At these moments we have to wake up and unlock our emotions, our eagerness for our liberty and a better life for our people, our home. Venezuela has the right to express its thoughts and new ideas for a new life. Venezuela has the right to breathe fresh air. Venezuelans will always remain true to the ‘woman' who gave them life and space in the world.

My life has changed. Today, I realize how important it is to stop those who want to withhold your dreams. First, I learned to be sure of what I want, and why. Today, more than ever, I pronounce to the world that I can't wait to become a professional journalist, and I warn whoever wants to take my freedom away that Venezuela won't tolerate oppression any longer, and we will express whatever our people want. It's the people who can make Venezuela a greater country, a better place, a better home for those who have the ability to bring out the special things our country holds. Venezuela is a mix of hope and reality. Let's work toward a new reality, fight for our hopes and make them part of it and construct a golden world of our own.

Today, I am grateful to be Venezuelan. I am thankful to all those heroes that went out and made people like me think, "Yes! There's a way." Venezuela is alive and won't take a step back.

-- Estephanie Zabala, grade 11, Anzoategui American School, Venezuela.

International Pen Pals Wanted!

Students at the Marietta Sixth Grade Academy are interested in writing to international pen pals/friends (ages, 11-12 years). Please send all letters to:

Ms. Cynthia L. Rice, teacher
340 Aviation Road
Marietta, Georgia 30060 USA

Other pen pals
Chetan Deorao Khandalkar, boy, 15
115, Siddheshwar Nagar, Chausala Road
Yavatmal 445 001 (MSS) India
Into: reading, music, pen pals, travelling

Gabija Deksnyte, girl, 12
Jaunystes 17-40
Rokiskis, Lithuania
Into: music, sports, animals

"I am in the seventh heaven of happiness to pen you this alphabetical construction of words. How are you? I presume that by the grace of Almighty God you are kicking as I am feeling off here. The motive of the letter is to become acquainted with you. I would be very elated to have a positive response from you...My hobbies are soccer, reading and exchange of currencies and pictures. Yours Faithfully,"

-- Samed Mohammed, boy, age 15,
P. O. Box 194, Techiman, B/A, Ghana, West Africa.



Skipping Stones Magazine
Volume 15, No. 4, Page 4

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