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The Prince of Butterflies by Bruce Coville, illust. John Clapp (Harcourt). This is a very passionate story of an 11-year-old boy's trials and tribulations of saving the monarch butterfly from extinction. Ages 6-10. ISBN: 0-15-201454-3.

People Around the World by Antony Mason (Kingfisher). This book provides overview information and vivid photographs about lifestyles in many countries and cultures around the world. Middle grades. ISBN: 0-7534-5497-1.

Sing Me a Story: Song-and-Dance Tales from the Caribbean by Grace Hallworth, illust. John Clementson (August House). Children will love learning these stories, songs and dances from the Caribbean. Ages 7-11. ISBN: 0-87483-672-7.

From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story by Jennifer Morgan, illust. Dana Andersen (Dawn). This book with eye-catching art begins with the formation of Earth and ends with dinosaurs. Ages 7-11. ISBN: 1-58469-042-9.

Generation Fix: Young Ideas for a Better World by Elizabeth Rusch (Beyond Words). This book gives many smart, funny and dead-serious solutions to our problems from kids all around the country. Ages 10-15. ISBN: 1-58270-067-2.

Cloud Weavers: Ancient Chinese Legends by Rena Krasno and Yeng-Fong Chiang (Pacific View). These 23 stories introduce us to Chinese goddesses, heroines, patriots, poets and philosophers and offer a window to the traditional values and beliefs. Ages 9-15. ISBN: 1-881896-26-9.

Year of No Rain by Alice Mead (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). This touching story about a Sudanese boy's flight shows us life in this civil war-torn country. Ages 12-15. ISBN: 0-374-37288-8.

We, the People of Earth and Elders, Volume II by Serle L. Chapman (Mountain Press). In this remarkable book on today's Native America, we learn about its leaders, artists and actors. With interviews, prose and photographs. Ages 12 to adults. ISBN: 0-9528607-5-9.

Idjil by Helen Bell (Cygnet). Touching story of an Australian Aboriginal boy, removed from his family by the state. Ages 9-13. #:1-876268-90-5.

Teaching Aids

New International Plays for Young Audiences edited by Roger Ellis (Meriwether Publishing). This unique anthology of 12 plays from 8 countries helps English-speaking students understand cultures, globalization and recent events through the powerful media of theatre. Upper grades. ISBN 1-56608-081-9.

The Abenaki of Vermont: A Living Culture by Gregory Sharrow and Michael Sacca. ( This 28-minute video and teacher's guide are based on a series of in-depth interviews with Abenaki people from many walks of life. Middle and upper grades.

Wake-Up Call: Saving the Songbirds by Claire Blotter. (The Video Project. 1-800-4-PLANET). This 14-minute video (and study guide) celebrates migratory birds and their songs. It also reveals why they are rapidly disappearing and offers ideas to implement in our own backyards to help save them from extinction. Grades 2 to 8.

Coming to Say Goodbye: Stories of AIDS in Africa ( This 30-minute documentary introduces us to courageous people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Tanzania. The stories lead us to reflect on various issues: poverty, lack of access to treatment, and the social costs. Middle and upper grades.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: African American Spirituals and the Crisis of AIDS, a video by Larry Cross ( The video introduces America's centuries-old spirituals and their importance in healing the community suffering from the AIDS crisis. Kerrigan Black, who died of AIDS in 1993, sings six spirituals in this heart-touching video. Grades 4 to 11.

Growing A Global Village by Charles Harrison ( Seabrook Farms in New Jersey was a unique global village with thousands of uprooted and displaced men, women and children from 25 nations. We meet some of the people who lived and worked together during 1910-1960, when multiculturalism wasn't even a word. Upper grades. ISBN: 0-8419-1428-1.



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