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Intercultural & Interfaith Dialogue in Works

LIFE, an interfaith educational organization based in Eugene, offers free (donations welcome) evening classes and workshops that present multiple views and encourage dialogue and questioning in order to promote greater understanding and cooperation among many spiritual traditions and paths. A wide variety of topics discussed with multi-faith perspectives, often team-taught, include: Women of Courage; Life, Death and Faith; Healing; Sages and Saints; Finding Hope, Trust and Meaning in Spiritual Darkness...

Rites of Passage Summer Academy, a month- long, experiential, cross-cultural learning program, helps middle and high school students discover and explore the rich history, literature and traditions of our four cultures of color. The students choose one of the cultures as their focus.

Sowing Seeds of Peace: Did you know that there are many ways to learn active peace- making skills and also have a great time? Peace camps held at various locations recently include the annual Seeds of Peace summer camp in coastal Maine (see Vol. 14, #4), where youth learn to befriend their counterparts from "enemy" countries or cultures. In Japan, the Ashinaga Foundation organized their fourth annual summer camp for children who have lost their parents to disaster and disease. Youth for Environmental Sanity's YES Action Camps focus on nature and nature preservation in a multicultural setting. The Peace Village summer camps are held at various locations in the Northwest to bring kids together for week-long activities in a multi-faith setting.

*** Get together with your friends and talk about organizing a Peace Camp or starting your own Club!

A Few Autumn Celebrations:

  • Sundown, Sept. 26 -- Sundown, Sept. 28: Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year (see page 30).
  • Oct. 2: Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday. He practiced nonviolence, intercultural and interfaith dialogue.
  • Sept. 25 -- Oct. 4: Navrathri-Dashera, a ten-day Hindu festival honoring the Divine Mother.
  • Oct. 23 -- Oct. 26: Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.
  • Oct. 27: Ramadan, Islamic month of fasting, begins; Id-al-Fitr, completion of Ramadan, is Nov. 26.
  • Nov. 8: Sant Guru Nanak's Birthday. He is the founder of Sikhism.

Global Warming Bakes Europe

Britain recorded the hottest temperature in the nation ever (over 100 degrees F) this August! Heat and drought fueled many wild-fires in Italy, France, the Iberian Peninsula, and other arid parts of Europe. Glacial ice melting in the Alps endangered hikers in France and Italy.

*** Go online to learn about various global climate changes occurring in the world. What part do we play in causing them? How can we reduce our impact?

Children's Rights?

Tens of millions of children in many developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia and elsewhere must engage themselves as bonded labor in industries like carpet-making or mining. Worse yet, millions of boys and girls are forced into "sex-industry" against their will. Sometimes, they are kidnapped and sent away to far-away cities or countries, only to be enslaved or exploited in underground sex-industries. Furthermore, due to HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as a lack of adequate education, social services and health care facilities for low-income segments of the society, the problem has become very serious in many countries.

*** Looking for a topic for your research/term paper this school year? Consider children's rights and conditions around the world. Also include in your report what we can do to improve their lot.



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