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Vol. 15, No. 4

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Just a small seedling
Can make a big difference
Could you be that seed?

-- Cristina Beecham, 9, Miami, Florida.

Prayer for the World

May our plants grow tall and beautiful.
May our sun shine brightly in the sky.
May our sunset's rainbow colors fill us with joy.
May the tranquility of the moon and stars bring us peace.

-- Fabiola Urdaneta, 8, Miami, Florida.

We Are All the Same

Our eyes may be
hazel, brown, or blue.
Our skin may be
tan, chocolate, or pink.
We could be
tall or short, fat or thin;
speak Spanish, English or French.

But, our tears are all clear.
Our blood is all red.
We laugh when we are happy.
We cry when we are sad.
We all need love
deep inside.
We are all the same.

-- Kalynn Crist, 10, Harrisburg, PA.


The summer day,
Enveloped in burning heat
Suffocating, straining for each breath of humid air
Scorching unshakable heat, bearing into unprotected flesh
Bodies crying with sweat.
Dry harsh winds,
Circling like birds before rainfall.
But the sky brings no relief
Backlit in eerie reds
Even the prayers for rain have been lost.

-- Juliana Mandell, 15, Beverly Hills, California.

Art by Holly Bashor, 11, Eugene, Oregon

Dreams are quite miraculous things,
but some people don't know that.
They say dreams are dreams
and they can't come true.
Is that really true?
Some people don't let in any time for dreaming
because they think they know what they want,
and they don't want anything else.
But me, I donŐt know what life will bring.

-- Ariana Parra, 12, of German-Jewish-Scotch-Irish-Hispanic-Aztec-English heritage, Mesa, Arizona.

Sometimes kids pick up trash.
They keep the earth clean.
They even grow flowers and they pick up trash.
Sometimes they come every day and water them.

Some kids always step on the flowers.
Some kids even litter every day.
Sometimes, I do that stuff too.

You have to keep the earth clean.
Do you do that stuff?

--Tayla Tracy, gr. 2, Navajo Nation,
St. Michaels, Arizona.

My Love for the Sea

The sea, the sea, it teaches if you listen, so listen.
Listen to the waves as they roll,
in and out, in and out.
The sea not only teaches,
but it gives speeches too.
So listen. The sea can fulfill your dreams.
The sea is a living thing.
It throbs and jumps with life.
Its children are the whales and dolphins
the barnacles and sea snails
and all that's in between....

-- Kory Bowlin, 9, Eugene, Oregon.



Skipping Stones Magazine
Volume 15, No. 4, Page 16

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